This is to give you a follow-up on the meditation class you conducted last year (2007). I am not new to meditatiion, but because of a temporary physical problem was having trouble reaching the level I wished to attain.  While attending your class I found your calm and peaceful attitude allowed me to ride through the discomfort and attain the level for which I was striving.  And now, when the pain prevents me from fully relaxing I mentally put myself back in the class and am able to over-ride the discomfort.  You are a natural coach so I sincerely hope that, in whatever capacity you choose, you will utilize that gift for the benefit of others.

With sincere gratitude, Bess R


“Patti Moses provides a safe, peaceful, supportive environment to explore meditation.

I found Patti to be both a knowledgeable and respectful teacher/therapist.
I have had the privilege to participate in the following classes with Patti:
Introduction to Meditation
Book club and Meditation using “A New Earth” by Eckart Tolle
Getting Unstuck – a series of teachings by Pema Chodron, a Tibetan Buddhist Nun. The course instruction/teachings, meditation, discussion. Buddhism for Beginners: A Complete Course on the Heart of The Buddha’s Teachings- a series of teaching by Jack Kornfield
Noble Silence 1/2 day retreat on Metta. Noble Silence 1/2 day retreat on Forgiveness and most recently the “Sacred Sound Circle”
Participation in these classes have taken me on a one year journey of growth and healing.  The culmination of these classes occurred during the Noble Silent Retreat that offered me a profound life enhancing experience. The retreat was focused on Metta=Loving Kindness.  I had intellectualized the need for self love and over the course of many years I tried unsuccessfully to find my way.  In the silence of the retreat and with the guidance of Patti I experienced for the first time loving kindness toward myself.  In addition, I left with a valuable tool to use in my meditation practise.  I feel empowered and free and I can’t remember when I have been this happy.”

“When the student is ready the teacher appears”  I am grateful that Patti Moses is my teacher.” Jan T.


“To be honest, I was very hesitant to participate in a retreat carried out under Noble Silence, having never opened myself up to an experience of this nature before. The day was superbly organized and planned.  I had no idea what to expect, but at the beginning of the day I was told exactly how the day would unfold.  Patti is a skilled facilitator, with a calming, kind, reassuring voice.  She guided and led the retreat in an effortless and simple manner, making me feel relaxed and comfortable, thereby allowing this new experience for me to unfold exactly how it was meant to be.  We were given instructions on how to do a walking meditation and had access to a beautiful wooded park (located beside the Centre). Our potluck vegetarian lunch was an experience all in itself.   It was simply a perfect day.  After attending this half day retreat, I am planning further retreats and looking forward to truly getting to know myself on a deeper level.  I would highly recommend that everyone experience such an awakening and have faith in a new process. ”     Rosemary H.

Very unexpectedly, yet happily, I have incorporated a practice of meditation in my life. I say unexpectedly because I have always been the ”jiggly foot’ type of person. I could never have imagined that I could sit still for 30 minutes and meditate. Yet that’s what I do now. Yay!

Since 2010 when I met Patti, I have gradually begun a personal practice of meditating. And I do mean gradually. I started with baby steps, setting my timer for 2 and 3 minutes, then increasing to 5 minutes. I try to meditate 5 days a week: sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t.

I downloaded a free meditation app for my smart phone. It was one of the first apps I ever downloaded, and so I learned to meld new technology with an old tradition. The app allows me to customize the duration of my meditation. I now have many different session durations so I can choose 8 minutes or 17 minutes or 34 minutes, depending on the available time. I like the arbitrariness of these times – it’s not just 10, 15 or 30 minutes.

Honestly, though, I can no longer sit for only 8 minutes. This just seems like too short a time. It was surprising to me the other day when I chose 14 minutes and after the gong sounded, signaling the end of my session, I almost felt cheated – I wanted more time. This made me realize I had successfully adapted to meditating for a longer duration (35 minutes is the new normal).

Patti’s willingness to offer her time is amazing. The Satori Centre is a tranquil space, and in it I’ve met friendly people who are interested in learning more about meditation. I have attended numerous series of classes and 4 retreats, day long and 1/2 day.

I met Patti when she volunteered to deliver our neighbourhood newsletters. Meditation seemed impossible to me (I had never considered it and had refused to try it, I was so stubborn), but I attended the beginner class. Slowly, slowly, things changed. Like I said above, it was slow starting with 2 and 3 minutes ‘sits’, but I stayed with it.

Now, 4 years later, I’m surprised at how I have integrated mindfulness and meditation in my life. I’m calmer. Never thought I was the anxious type, but I’m, well, less anxious. Life is less of a struggle, I seem to be able to go with the flow more, and I’m happier. These are all good things.

Treat yourself and come to the Satori Centre. Meet Patti, who will listen to you, provide a context for meditation, and help you ‘take it to the cushion’. Then you can see for yourself. Start slow, be patient, and watch for the changes.  Joan L

Contact the Centre at 519-208-1664 or 519-503-0400 or email info@satoricentre.ca