Please note that Patti Moses has set her fees for counselling based on the recommended fee range set out by the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW).

It may be helpful to read all the way through to determine which form of payment is best for you.

Effective February 1, 2014, counselling services for individuals are *$110.00 an hour and receipts are provided to claim the fee  through your health benefits.#

Counselling services for couples are *$130.00 an hour.

Payment must be made in advance to an initial session and can be done by dropping off or mailing a cheque (made to Patti Moses), dropping off cash or paying through internet bank transfer (send to pattimoses@gmail.com).

After your first session, you can then pay at the time of our meeting.

For phone counselling payment must be made ahead and for those out of the local calling area it will be your responsibility to call (519-208-1664).

I now have the Square Reader and can take Visa or MC .

#You may wish to check with your insurance provider or EAP (Employment Assistance Program) to see if Registered Social Workers are covered under your benefits.

*Please read Procedures and Policies under ‘Counselling- Your 1st Appointment” for full details.`