courage trust faith hope
It has been said that if you want something different you have to do something different. For many people going to therapy or counselling is different. This takes “courage, faith and trust”. Above all what we offer at the Satori Centre, through this process, is “hope“.

Our ‘in house’ therapist, Patti Moses is ready to meet and work with you as you ‘stretch’ beyond your comfort zone.

THAT is where the growth lies. THAT is where the hope is.

Patti can support your  individual and couples counselling needs and some of the issues she can work with you on are:

stress/feeling overwhelmed
aging issues
marital (couples) issues
family of origin
finding balance
crisis management
women’s issues
self esteem/self compassion

Patti’s social work experience spans over 20 years and she is passionate about helping and supporting others. Patti has a Masters is Social Work and is a Registered Social Worker with the Ontario Association of Social Workers and Social Services Workers (OASWSSW) as well as the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW).

Patti especially enjoys helping people find their innate strengths in order to deal with and move forward through life’s challenges.

As a trained therapist, Patti tends to use several approaches including; solution focus, strength base, narrative and cognitive behavioural therapies as well as family systems theory .

Along with these traditional techniques, Patti invites clients to do their work from a place of MINDFULNESS.

Sessions can include guided or silent meditation in order to work on a mind/body connection. Patti is a Certified Meditation Teacher and has been teaching for close to 10 years. (see “Meditation and Alternatives for classes and other offerings).

Your counselling meetings will always take place with your privacy is mind, and sessions can often be booked on short notice.

Your therapeutic relationship will be built on trust and respect and it’s important you know that counselling is a confidential process

In order to accommodate unique needs ‘telephone’ or “online’  therapy is also available should this forum be more convenient for you.

Patti would be honoured to share your path of healing and growth and offer you hope.

You are invited to check out The Satori Centre’s Practices and Policies under “Counselling-Your 1st Appointment” and then call

The Satori Centre 519-503-0400 or email today to book an appointment.