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Awakening.  Comprehension. Understanding. These words define ‘Satori’ and the wonderful journey of nurturing physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. This is our path here at the Centre. The Satori Centre is also about ‘inspiration’.

Inspiration to grow, inspiration to open to possibilities and inspiration to be all that is within you. (The Community voted The Satori Centre “The Most Inspirational Group in Waterloo Region” of 2013, through the Cord Community Edition) and The Satori Centre was awarded Gold for The Best Meditation and Inspiration” Centre in Waterloo Region, 2015.

To find your path, in what can often be a journey with many detours and challenges, the Centre offers traditional talk therapy and a variety of meditation and mindfulness classes as well as book study groups and retreats to support and guide you. Also check out our Mindful Living Line at http://www.mindfulcushions.etsy.com

Perhaps you are seeking more balance and more effective ways to deal with life’s 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows.  Perhaps it is simply to enjoy the sense of happiness that comes from a greater inner peace. Whatever your goals, we would be honoured to join you on your path, on your journey.

To learn more, visit our instructor profile below, information on upcoming classes or details on our counselling services.

[meet Patti Moses, MSW RSW (Registered Social Worker) and Certified Meditation Instructor]

Our Mission Statement: 

The Satori Centre, which has existed in it’s founders mind for a decade and was officially launched in 2011, is a space of inspiration,inclusion and growth.  Our mission is to offer relevant modalities, including the gift of meditation, retreats and other healing and holistic practices, including traditional talk therapy, to all who desire them. We see ourselves as partners, not only with the students and practitioners who attend our classes, and as well the businesses and individuals we are connected to in the community but also with the environment and all the nature that lies there within.

All those connections serve to bring together like minded individuals who are seeking, searching and ultimately finding their own path. We want to do this together, with you, at The Satori Centre.